Friday, July 23, 2010


"...I am not in the absurd, but in the tragic..."

Just if I could...
Myself, I would offer
But truth!
So open and kind
So that I would
Be changed utterly
By this word

Reckless this boat
The journey
Even a little false
The depth of the cut
The moment, hollow
Your vessel in me

The morning before
Had I been thought
Inside time, thine
I would have loved
The thinness of skin
Recognized, as it were
This passion of glass

Unlike the pen and spade
The finger, the shapes
Surrender, I would
To the shallow pulsation
Of cheeks and lips
Solitary, unison

Had I known
To reveal wisdom
Upon skin so strange
Bruised from glee
I could have loved
The entire night alone!
Geography, time
You were gone!

At last foolishness
Of lip and tongue
Unveiled my cold
In awe from unlove
The reckless madman
Slept by my side
He rose eyeing me!

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