Articles '12

January 2012

Winds of Goodness: Emirati lenses into Afghanistan

Yemen's battle against Qat

The Art of Protest in Yemen

Remembering Tim Hetherington's "Diary"

The Arab Spring of Saudi Cinema

Dutch look to ban qat in country

Parallel revolutions in Yemen

Permanent Exiles

The Cruel Sea

The Holocaust and Charlotte Salomon

Promised Lands

February 2012

Activism on Human Rights

Emails leaked from Syrian Ministry of Presidential Affairs

The Assad-Leaks: Confidental Presidential E-Mails Air Dirty Laundry

In Defense of the Life of the Mind - Open Letter to Maikel Nabil

Malek Jandali -From Ugarit to Homs

Pro-Assad rally held in Northern Israel

Jewish silver craft preserved alive in Yemen

Maikel Nabil and Peaceful Resistance

March 2012

"Et si" - An Experimental Film

Will the Jewish silver craft survive in Yemen?

Yemen's Jewish Community: Waning in population and industry?

Paint to Freedom in Kuwait

Chilean man assaulted by Neo-Nazis

Art and Censorship in Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf

Tunisia's GayDay Magazine hacked

No Justice for the Justice: Venezuela

Karama Has No Walls

April 2012

The Good Omen

The Story of Reconciliation

Mirrors of Silence

Huna London

I need someone to go on a little journey with me

Fragments of Unquotable Literature

May 2012

Hannah Arendt, Israel & the Middle East

War and Memory in Lebanon

Regarding the Memory of the Other

Beirut: Re-inventing or Destroying the Public Space?

Speaking Out Loud

Out Loud for Human Rights in Lebanon

June 2012

Freedom is Out Loud

Beirut's Forest: Pining Away the Public Space

Tripoli: Between Power and Violence

Out Loud

At the Square I 

Beirut's Elyssar Project: Spatiality and Hegemony 

At the Square II 

Beirut's Phoenician port bulldozed 

July 2012

Mamnou3: Lebanon's censorship on trial

Mamnou3: The Metaphor of Censorship

Controversy over Beirut's Phoenician port

At the Square III

Graffiti in Beirut


At the Square IV

Brownies and Kalashnikovs

Rashid Al Khalifa at Beirut Art Fair

After We're Free

At the Square V

After Two Months

At the Square VI

August 2012

"You are free": Not in Lebanon

At the Square VII

At the Square VIII

The Artist as Mystic

At the Square IX

Homophobic Lebanese singer to perform in Canada

Sounds from the Golden Age

Filmmaker Orwa Nayrabia missing in Syria

At the Square X

Anti-LGBT Lebanese singer prevented in Canada

September 2012

Lebanon's anti-LGBT singer Mohamed Eskander denied entry to Canada

Being Modern in Lebanon: Mouna Bassili Sehnaoui

Duality - Approaching Abjection I

Duality II - Approaching Abjection II

"Keep your mind in hell, Despair not"

Bab Al Bahrain - The Architectural Production of Modernity

October 2012

Public Space in Bahrain at the Venice Biennale I

Public Space in Bahrain at the Venice Biennale II

Marc Codsi's Faded Postcards

Reclaiming the Sea

Lebanon's Rule of Nobody

November 2012

If Things Were Perfect

Not Entirely Red

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