Friday, April 23, 2004


Morning broke
Morning broken
Morning and break down
Morning and sound
A cup of coffee
Within a lie
Within a life
The righteous of places
The righteous of men
Being happy, being good
Being good, being unhappy
Morning, yesterday

An ashtray in a cloud
Your mind on a plate
What can I do to make you happy?
It's not what you wanted?
If everything you've got.....
I guess you need some silence
Don't be so hard on yourself
Treat yourself with patience
Put on a smile
Forgive the world
You're just a number anyway
You're just a legalsuit
A yellow tie
An instrument of freedom
One day a victim
One day not
But just one day
One day at a time
And that day is today

Don't try to blame me
We were just wrong from scratch
Lights are off
The sun is up
The shine is there
Right there
Just for you

You must be tired
You must be tired
You must be criminal
You must be quiet

A musty life
Just like dead knowledge
Just like books
Just like songs