Saturday, August 23, 2003

personal note, 4:38 am

Argentinian songs for the lonely technocratic man

Something has changed
I think it's something in my mind
I sing about pains, I sing about beings
About dynamic flux and universal concepts
I sing so loud that no one can hear me
I sing in the newspapers and in inside glasses of water
I sing on the top of political speeches
And yes my song is all about love
Rosario la maestra esta trist
Rosario la maestra esta melancolica
I sing about the people who is in the other side of my screen
About these technocratic idiots
About the democratic world
About all of us
About me
Those who take the wind in vitamine tablets
And who see the ocean in sport advertisings
We depict the landscape in squared netty fractions of paper
That's all I can say about myself
This is the place where I belong
An emotional painful sketch
Of shiny blind men
And wordless boxes
We're just odd and even
Odd n even
Odd n even
Just like numbers
Just like numbers
Just like cents in a box
Like cents in a box
We don't talk about mellancholy
We don't talk about separation
We don't believe in lack of confidence,
Loneliness or other phantoms.
We're cut in small cubes
from big patterned models.
We're born with satined gree ties
Also cut in small cubes of skin
Our children are born with eyes wide open
Do you know what it means?
Eyes wide open
Eyes wide open
We're given shaken personalities
With manuals and troubleshooting guides
We're given orange oranges
Because they've told us they're orange
And oranges
Would u believe this madness?
We talk about revolutions
We talk about contradictions
Rosario la maestra esta sola
Rosario la maestra esta neblada
Rosario la maestra camina por la vereda
I know the dreams u dream
I know the drops of your dreams
I know the whole everything
I've been alone down here as to depict things from your taxes form
It's been a while
You can't look at me
I'm in peace with myself
Frozen and Bloated
Do you believe in my compassion?
Don't be so merciless and close your lips
Don't judge yourself
We're young and happy
And yes we learnt to sing
With our speech-patterned mouths
We sing in encoded insurance glasses
We almost forgot our names
Blood is still there in me
Blood is still there in me
I want to feel so
Wouldn't u?
Don't disrespect my frustrations
They are universal things
Like the sun
Like yourself
Like your lies
Don't call papa
He's not blonde anymore
We sold the chevy
I told u
Something has changed
It wasn't in the storyline
I wish that when u borne again
You have a world like mine
And that the sea exists
In its blue like today
In its Blues like the moon