Wednesday, September 10, 2003

personal note, 22:29


(no music in the background, just a lonely piano and sunglasses)

Another dead person, so what now?
When one's dead has to be buried and that's all
Empty scenario, and empty storyline
Once you are there no better place to be
How beautiful this quietness
You can overlook everything
I can see you from far in the distance
Never again will I see your face
Not that I saw it even once
Never again will I listen to your voice
Not that I remember it
Not that I can describe it
Too much alike for our own good
Now I just feel the silence
I just feel the distance
And how naive of me
Thinking I could organize an expedition for freedom
How Scandinavian of me!
There are never reasons to talk
Only the desperation to find a voice in the other line
To find the life in someone new
To find the horizon in the unknown
The long road back home
The journet started here
Watching the sunrise in a stranger's arms
Comfort me tonight
Will not be the last time
Can't remember anything
Because there was nothing to remember
There was nothing to talk about
There is never a reason to talk
Only benzedrine
There are always a thousend reasons for silence
There's always a good reason to hush
There's always a good reason to run
I didn't tell you I was gonna stay
I didn't promise I would stay tonite
I didn't promise I'd dim off the lights and stay home tonight
But you
You ran before me
Before I could reach your arms
Before you could reach my smile
We are children
Children of mist
Trying to clear a screen
And yet we're too old for this
We're too tired for a try
We're too nordic for an explicit good-bye
We're maybe just technocratic inventions of our minds
We're maybe just whispers without desire
There's never a bad moment to hush
There's always a word that can hurt
There's always someone
And how many times I tried
Believe me I tried
But misery is a common friend who never betrays
Who never betrays
And slapped you in the face
Carried you away
I remember in my dreams driving down the highway
Dark october nights and spirits of snow
Smoked thoughts sinking in strong pulsations
There's never a bad moment to dream
It's always fair
Because this world was made for dreamers
Because this world isn't about justice
Isn't about fairness
Isn't about.....

(this letter doesn't need an end)