Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Morir de Decir... (on the make)

What are the limits of the presence in what we are saying?

Speech-acts are not limited by the reflex of everyday contact and the rational language of functional speech, they serve the function of quoting, of quoting life after the fashion of photographies, all conversations between humans outside the sphere of rationality are modelled on this pattern, they quote stories from others, they quote what they quote without refence back to the original author of the whole thread.

It is but they, the objects of the world what ultimately leads to thought and not the opposite, so that reality is modeled after linguistic possibilities but in itself is not constituted by it, merely mediated in so far as it is made communicable and not remains solely on the sensorial plane. What one lives in so far as it experienced in images prior to associations is conditioning of the human condition.