Tuesday, May 20, 2003

song of pure love (written at the misrad hapnim on the waiting line lol)

don't u mind? i'm taking antibiotics
i'm under sedants, anti-depressants, sleeping tablets, codeine; eyes that don't look may find, eyes that search are found. i'm looking around, the landscape is static. u gotta escape me but i have the airbags, water-purifying pills, i have the keys but ain't gonna work, i saved u several times. i have nausea, let me fall down, please let me fall down, i always got your answers, please give me some rest, your eyes spit noise, but i found some calm, i did find some calm, no telephones ring, no kings arise, no shaving machines, no hunger, no smiles. let me find this calm, tomorrow you'll be my screwer, we'll stand on feet, you'll say you're sorry and i'll let myself die, no more streams, i'm not listening, no more shine, i've been blind before.
orthopedic shoes, sun glasses, screwdrivers, acetaminofen, a stock of spontaneously released smiles, long velvet skirts, poisoned water, rugs of tar, espresso machine and subway signals. are you ready for the picnic? did u get all things? my doctor will help you, not to heal, but to excuse yourself, excuses are always fine, even death might be a fine excuse. i want a mindshake served in a martini glass, chilled, do not stir. have you got some syrup? you help my paranoia.
have you been to my tomb recently? i didn't clean the roof so please don't bang it over, i need to get some sleep, a few little drinks. for when you borne, i wish you have a world like mine, i wish you have a world like mine, put the headlights on, i'm puking off down the bridge. don't help me, i think i got some corrosives.