Saturday, May 14, 2005

12 minutes

As if 12 minutes would matter
No difference does it make
The thin line between soul and thought
That makes us different
From our deadly counterparts
Our consciences
And those hails, to other odes
To forsaken lords
To those ties I've worn
To those ties I've formed
As if it would make no difference no more
We no longer count the minutes
For our roads are largely exposed
And its end biffucates no more
In those colours
That smelt like lust
That smelt like dust
From a youthful idealization
That he no longer enthralls
But those minutes did make a difference
Between the East and my soul
Between colours of other peoples
Between their faces and thier sores
Making one very picture
A vane piece of thought
Those minutes did matter
And separated us from death
Separated us from life
For death is only a spiritual toll
Those minutes did make a difference
For all what it counts
If at all
My dreams kept me alive
And my life surrounded their voice
As to hear a little murmur
That would encourage us to carry on
To live through a next day
Where watches would not run
Where needles would not knock
And our roads would end
In electronic procrastinations
And in deserts he longer himself saw
Those minutes did count
My dreams did count
My last spark of life
My last drops of blood
My last drops of soul
A solider stopped on the way
And questions asked not
For in my eyes he saw
We were drowning all the same
In the same sand
Such as water
That contained many souls
With his dreams and theirs
Also mine, not as yet forlorn
He also dreamt those dreams that I had dreamt
When I was awake
When I breathe
When I lived
It was the pull of life
What no one could take away from us
It will never drift
It will never weaken
Even in the Middle East
Our dreams will never be like sand
And the minutes actually did count
For love they counted
For life they counted
For lies they counted
And the dreamer is alone
But nevertheless a song
And the minutes always counted
For the needles to clock
For the death to partake
In this lively carnival of souls