Thursday, July 15, 2010

David I

What a beauty!
Jump, jump over Rhodus
Over the dam
Send me on a boat
In that foreign language
Confusing between "the´s" and "de´s"
Sail me home
Where I learn walking
As toddlers would
With a cane
Through the worlds
Of philosophers and saints
A prize is delivered
A little late at night
In spiteful sickness
And through glory
Of a foreabode
Across a river
That seems near
But yet we stand so distant
As if divided
By an ocean
Of waters
Of words
Of fragile sounds
By the distance
Between morning and night
Between thy chest
And hair mine
Rubbing from the height
Of thy heart
And thoughts mine
Over coffee
What it would be like
To swim in the dam
Floating childishly
On the footsteps
Of a boat chest
So bitter this dream
Of a certain thrill
On a Friday night
Staring into wolves
Carved out from eyes thine
Pacing at walk
Through the calm

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