Wednesday, July 28, 2010

At the Zuiderduintjes

Passing through the fingers
In throbs, watered down
Miraculous dangers
Feed from mouth
Of a sanderling
The banks of daytime
With waterfalls
Of strange urges
To land home
Island stranded
Moonshine opaque
Of humid lights
That keep the traffic
From the windows
Of my ears
Vaguely so
And at the expense
Of newspapers
And motets
Simpler words
Emerging out
Of solid bodies
Flesh and water
Both in him
In a crater of bonds
Extending from south to north
In the search
For happier news
Than those of knowledge
Of the world
Creaturely bonds
Depart from his body
Cut across the land
Pierce the phones
The ropes
The new beds
The unloves
Unwoven the thread
There are no footsteps
We walk up again
All the way!
But I was there
Waiting for him
At the Zuiderduintjes

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