Thursday, September 16, 2004

Well I'm done

Ok then... I'm actually done with the set up of the blog. I really don't get the atom thing but I guess I'll learn it overtime, being such a net addict I'm really frustrated by discovering how ignorant I am about these things. I don't know... the blog has several advantages but somehow I liked better the old one for there I could just jump into an specific date and find a posting, I was also able to write not only a topic but to choose a mood icon.

Some chicken in the oven at the moment, I've been starving myself for more than a half a day and actually I'm doing it all the time, no wonder this skeleton figure... but oh well better times will come. Dying to see my journalist for the good or the bad, also a bit unsorted, ha! a bit? Totally unsorted. Let me first move my postings and then I'll have some time for myself.