Sunday, September 26, 2004

I'm in bereavement therapy - Therapist Fashion (II)

Scene I

W. - Good morning. I've seen your add in the newspaper. Oh well sorry I'm lying, I received it from a friend who claims to know you very well. You've been recommended.
S. - Good morning, would you like to make an appointment or simply obtain a referral for another professional?
W. - Actually I'd just like to know if you'll be available for therapy over the next few months, I want to think if I really want to do this. It's probably a little bit over my head.
S. - Ah now I see, just another frustrated woman who picks up the phone to book a therapist, unorthodox and unconventional. And then you ask me if I'll be available for therapy over the next few months. What are you taking me for? Am I gastro-enterologist?
W. - I beg your pardon?
S. - Monday, 27th September. 18:00, be on time.
W. - But... I just wanted to...
S. - Just be on time, you can smoke yes, bring your own though.

Scene II

S. - Name?
W. - Wife.
S. Huh? that means I shall address you as wife? Do you bear a name by any chance?
W. - Not yet, I'm only the character of an unwritten novel, I don't bear a name yet. But I'm a lawyer, a successful lawyer, I passed my bar examination and practice private law.
S. - So you're telling me you're a lawyer, you're a wife and you don't have a name because you're only a character of an unwritten novel. Do you expect me to take you on?
W. - Where shall I sit? I smoke a lot, do you mind me opening a window?

Scene III

S.- Wife please, tell me who is your husband? I need a reference point, as long as you don't have name and basically nothing but a coat and clouds of smoke, I need a reference point. Maybe your husband knows your name?
W. - My husband is another character of the novel, actually he's a character of another novel. In that novel we're not married anymore, that's why I'm here.
S. - Your husband's name?
W. - I told you, he's a character of an unwritten novel, in that novel it's claimed that he's a journalist, but the evidence shows he turned out to be a man of flesh and bones. I have no ground to support he's a journalist, not even that he's ever been a husband at all.
S. - Maybe we could invite to this room the author of such novel? As far as I'm concerned, you're no real persona yet, neither your journalist is. Maybe it's him, the writer who needs a therapist, no?
W. - No, the author of the novel is no real persona either. There's only one non-fictional character in the book, a girl by the name of Isobel. The daughter of a wolf that dwells on a forest surrounded by a river ninefold.
S. - If there's no real persona in the book you claim to belong to, and the writer is no real persona either, why then do you claim to be lawyer?
W. - I was told yesterday
S. - I don't really understand what I can do for you, it seems to me you don't really exist. I've had all kind of different abnormal patients and frustrated women in particular but this is unconceiveable.
W. - The author of the novel has a friend, a young man. He's behind every line. A couple of weeks ago I used to be the main character of the novel. Everyone loved me, in particular my husband. Behind my husband there is a real persona, the friend of the author and the real persona of my husband have sustained a relationship for sometime. A relationship that only a writer can understand. This relationship troubles me deeply, for my husband is not really my husband anymore. I've been left out of the novel, even as lawyer who can sue for indiscriminate exclusion on the ground of sex and age. The such friend and the real persona behind my husband have started another novel that hasn't been written yet. I can't take it, I just can't take it. A couple of days ago I saw them together, I think it was in a poem that was never written.
S. - Hummmm I seem to start understanding. Do they have a theme?
W. - A theme? what are you talking about? You claim to start understanding and now you're worried about whether they have a theme? Which kind of therapist are you? I'm telling you I lost my husband because he went to another novel, with a friend of the writer. With one of the faces of the writer. You are asking me whether they have a theme?
S. - Which kind of patient are you, just to start with?
W. - The other face of the writer is just a beautiful young man, a very attractive man. Yet someone who is unable to love, and even more unable to be loved. They suffer together, they're terribly unhappy and are cursed by the lack of unawareness, they don't really make any sort of companion but an extraordinary lack of it. I was very different, I was loving, I was loved, I was companion.
S. - Just because you're a woman?
W. - No, because I was a character of the novel.
S. - Would you mind to smoke less next time?

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