Friday, September 17, 2004

Another kid in the blog!

Ok, good morning Tel Aviv! Remember my last note? Well, still faithful. Unsuccessfully tried to catch some sleep last night between exhausted and excited, but that's what happens when you're twenty. You just can't miss the spot and gotta crawl all night long between shades and souls, boring though. I asked the wife for some sleeping pills for married women take them all the time (if not drugs, too) but once again she wasn't home.

The whole night turning upsides in bed was like waiting for a dental appointment, with no dentist and no appointment. (Oh my! Isobel!) Yet I did manage to do some progress with Saussure and even when I don't really like him I think his theories as interesting from a theoretical point of view, cards to play with you know. I want to develop the subject a little bit further for it constitutes my main academic interest, right after the Greek poetry of course, much less elucidated but probably far more interesting for the educated reader. A philologist got to do these things for a mere sake of art, for tragedy and poetry are too disciplined for a young soul that altogether must be embodied with mathematics, astronomy, logic and other things the muses dispose of.

Therefore I've decided to set up another blog, since this one is too serious for trivial matters such as linguistics and mathematics; here you find more weightful cores in pink dots, black dots, yellow dots and even blue dots. You can't really read about a person's feelings when you read a linguistic abstract but anyhow we all need to falter sometimes. I know what you're thinking, oh yeah the guy couldn't catch with his sleep so now he's going to torture our brains with linguistics. Don't worry, these pages will continue containing operettas and ballets, I'll take my linguistics somewhere.

This is the linguistic blog: and if you want to sort entries and read the XML version you can try It's designed for ATOM, actually until 2 days ago I didn't really know what that is but I'm getting better. The new blog will be also the right spot for some computer investigations and lots, lots of trials.

For now Ari and wife (or widow) will stay here in these pages for they're the main aim of the blog, an act for the act itself, self-deceiving. Despite myself the morning doesn't have any bitter taste, just unpatient taste. Wife will take care of it, I'm sure of it.

In the meantime it's my 2nd day without leaving the house, I think I'm growing either old or rather frustrated; you know the mortages and furniture thing. What can bother me anymore anyway? Once I said I'm way too young for so much frustration (but obviously I meant other frustrations) and now I think I'm right, oh well a true Calvinist would just claim for resignation. That's certainly not me.

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