Sunday, November 14, 2004

Postmodern tale from Postmodernism & Being Jewish

One day said the apple to the peach: "You are quiet today. What’s eating you?" Said the peach: "I’m just tired of being a peach. My hairy skin rubs people up the wrong way, I keep getting worms and generally I feel rotten." "Tell me" asked the apple, "What do you purpose to do about it?" "I’ve thought long and hard", said the peach, "And I have decided to become a fruit." "Well, that will be a little difficult", said the apple who was reputed to be the wisest of fruits, "For in actual fact the notion of fruit is an abstract, collective noun that refers to the shared characteristics of peaches, plums, apricots and bananas. We only really get together in fruit salad and then it’s too late." "Pity", said the peach, "I was looking for a higher calling."


I'll comment this one when I've got some time, it's truely great.

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