Sunday, November 14, 2004

6 Instances of Urban Loneliness

1. Are you a lonely man? or do you simply deconstruct knowledge? I've seen your face in another page.

2. I'm not hyper-literary Mr. Judge; I'm rather conceptual and demistified. It's only your political correctness what has made of me an structural chapter of history.

3. The prohibition on coffee has been waived. It's a wholesome chapter of moral philosophy; now men are allowed to drink coffee; if we could only leave our screens.

4. Are you still subject to the laws? I thought you obbeyed divinity; but you've betrayed me. You're just another of those modernists.

5. I'm convinced you are a concrete building. How can you know that?. I've noticed your foundations already. What did you see?. A cluster of self, in a metallic shell.

6. Tomorrow. Will I be me?

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