Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I woke up on a Sunday's morning
But today, is Wednesday.
I woke up to my filter coffee
On a Wednesday's morning
I returned to life, once again
I returned from Belsen, that day
After the last train
A postcard awaited me in the station
A postcard from him
Post nubilae, eternum.
I returned from Belsen that morning
But I didn't find you home
Has anyone kept my hopes in store?
I returned home on that Wednesday's morning
I returned to the tongue of my parents
Mon chanson, unison.
I read a few too many novels on the way
I retrieved your encores
In your chin, back then
I left a song.
Near the Unterwald we had a stop
Through those valleys in Thur, and beyond.
Therein, the song of your chin
I didn't find
Thence, from my childhood I returned
Only hadn't my answers grown old.
I still didn't find you home
Yet, to and fro
Your tunes in still
Is anyone home?
On that Wednesday morning
I returned
And that morning
Was still day
I smoked
Today, is that morning when I returned
From Belsen, back and forth
Do not hasten your coffee cup
Only for one day though
I may here just long.

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