Saturday, November 06, 2004

Morning shallowness

Following the course
An end is to begin
The river is the flow
A stream in control

The landscape survives me
The memory does too
I'm only echoeing death
From the naivete of my youth

I poison my own soul
With dark waters of knowledge
With fastening pieces of self
Me, in selflessness

Preclusive is the silence
Hastening its noise
Chasing me in the city
Surviving my smiles

I surrender to my drunkenness
A cold all thorough embraces me
I falter in the yellows
My body feels to die

I'm still in the hunting
I ramble through a forest
My mind contained there
A stream of my soul

I die in every corner
My soul in every hue
I'm writting empty stories
That begin before they end

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