Saturday, November 06, 2004


Smoked silences out in the cold
Overwhelming fears
Brought from a distant forest
Black-hued by a voice in my mind
A used up souvenir, my heirloom
Particles of divinity, wound up in truth
Rotten by the axes of time,
Eventless and deadly cycles of time,
Screams in the night, I all the more withhold
The moon in despair, Selene is the same
I'm thirsty from this fear,
Thisrty of this fear, its music poisons me
A stream in my veins, it's led me astray
I sink in my thoughts, they drown me
They elevate me, save me from collapse
My words are a riddle, I don't understand
They obscure my thought, steal me
Thieves that break through the dark night
In elucidating circles of souls
Gathering the dew from the night
Pouring it over my eyes
I feel the deadly smell of Aurora
And her pink-fingered nature invokes my name
The ocean is clouded, watery the sky
In motions of thought I cling, I'm clung
I await the next morning, my death from a far
We approach the beginning, a godly reunion
They gather in the forest, they hide in the grey
Those are my silences, the smell of the road
They haunt me down the sky
Wandering travellers
Continuum of life

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