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Breivik Files: 2010

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Breivik Files 2010

2010-01-02 14:20:13

There are political forces in Oslo who want to mass-build subsidized/low cost "Islam-blocks" in Oslo West for "better integration". As far as I know, it is only the Progress Party / Conservatives who oppose this at the moment, so it can actually become a reality over the next decade.

If this ever becomes the case, many from Oslo West will move to Bærum (and most will eventually follow).

Hm, but where do you move when this policy reaches Bærum?

2010-01-19 11:25:11

Very good article:) It helps pushing the debate to a new level.

2010-01-22 02:53:39

I'm tempted to get in touch with the owners and explain to them the possibility of success through restructuring my leadership. This will involve firing all remaining cultural Marxists and start with the culturally conservative coverage as the first major newspaper in Norway (critical of multiculturalism/Islamization). It is realistic to believe that the circulation will then have the potential to reach up to 120-200k.

It surprises me that there are no more "culturally conservative entrepreneurs" in the Kingdom of Norway?

Do you think the owners will have a positive attitude to such proposal?

I will not be a good option, though, as I have absolutely zero knowledge of editorial processes. I think however, Hans Rustad should be responsible for the editorial and invite them to consider his concept. I think the timing for this is perfect right now!

There are 15 cultural Marxist politically correct papers already in Norway and not a single one culturally conservative. The first culturally conservative (not politically correct) publication will be GUARANTEED success.

2010-01-24 10:45:19

The problem with the Progress Party (FrP) is that they have become too entrenched in reaching out for multiculturalism and the demands of humanistic and suicidal ideas. In many ways they have thrown out the baby with the bath water.

 Genuine resistance has been reduced to listening to the PR agency and do 2-3 tactical statements before each election, to ensure the votes of the core.

The vast majority of new faces in the Progress Party are now politically correct career politicians and not in any way idealists who are willing to take risks and work for idealistic goals.

The comic part is that even though they have thrown almost all principles on the garbage dump and reduced cultural struggle to "reducing the flow of asylum seekers with a couple of thousands" are still being branded in public, ridiculed, harassed and isolated by the humanist-Marxists.

Parliamentary Representatives from the Progress Party should at least read every single day and involve themselves a bit as it is their duty to be the people's voice. Unfortunately, very few of them at all know what is at all, and fewer than 5% of them know what taqiyya and naskh is.

For example when a combined force chose to ignore the Swedish and French intifada before the last election for strategic reasons, which later cost FrP maybe 5%;  Siv should have instructed all of her people to call the ARK and other newsrooms and force them to cover this news.

I have great respect for how the Marxist-humanist networks in Norway are able to use their power optimally through "force multiplication" and cooperation.

They are insanely hard-working, skilled in consolidation and most of the right has a lot to learn from them.

2010-01-25 05:20:24

Public Enemy, Carl Christian

What you manage to come up with here is nothing but very nasty control techniques.

You claim that all Norwegians who do not follow the  nation’s “moth-(murder)-er” Gro Harlem Brundtland‘s definition, is racist:

"Anyone who at a given time holds a Norwegian passport is a full Norwegian" ... Which means that even the Somali (with a Norwegian passport) who chews qat all day, beats his wife and sends half the social benefits he receives to al-Shabaab should be viewed as a full worthy Norwegian citizen.

If anyone in this country DARES to look at this Somali as anything other than a full-Norwegian they are racists and need to be branded publically. And you say that everyone who disagrees with their extreme cultural Marxist world view - the utopian, global citizen- definition are racists?

In that case, I think you have labeled 95% of the world population as just this but this plays just a minor role for you?

You are only committed to paralyzing all debate in society, to silence all those who are not of the same opinion as you, to exercise social control in line with the conservative Muslims in Greenland? Once a person takes off his "ideological hijab" you are there immediately as the troll you are.

Sorry, but it does not work anymore. More people will be increasingly immune to your rule techniques due to their massive inflation rhetoric.

I think the majority of Norwegians demand full cultural assimilation (European culture) to count others as full Norwegians. Hans in his analysis is thus correct. A Norwegian passport is irrelevant in this context. Get over it ...!


2010-02-02 13:35:11

I completely agree that Obama is a brilliant rhetoric and communicator, one of the best we've seen over the past 30 years.

But firstly, we can not and should not compare the cultural struggle in the U.S. with that in Europe. The rhetoric must and should be different. The average "right-wing party" -voter Republican in the U.S. is a "libertarian" (anti-socialist but pro multiculti) while the average conservative in Europe is much more anti-multiculti but bases his arguments on cultural resistance against Islamization.

The so-called anti-multiculti in the U.S. base their rhetoric on ethnocentrism alone which thus differs greatly from Europeans. This is the main reason that we must separate the American and European cultural struggle. I usually stay away from American issues as a result.

Regardless of whether we are in the U.S. or Europe, it is essential for you to inquire the following:

When did multiculturalism cease to be an ideology designed to deconstruct European culture, traditions, identity and nation-states? If you support a leader who propagates multiculti (the ideology that as of this writing systematically deconstructs Western civilization), can one not then just as well stick to the class struggle or  MSM?

And if one then thinks that multiculturalism’s wonderful doctrines are the main cause of the ongoing Islamization of Europe and the U.S., should one not criticize multiculturalism’s leader No. 1, the one Jesus Christ Obama for his fundamental principles?

Failing to criticize him, has one not then accepted the multiculturalist wonderful premises?

2010-02-16 19:25:24

According to two surveys 13% of young British Muslims between 15 and 25 support Al Qaeda ideology. UK is representative for Norway, so I would guess that at least 15-20% of Norwegian Muslims support murder of gays. There is certainly not fewer who support the killing of gays than support Al Qaeda.

2010-02-17 10:56:52

Problem is that it often does not help if 80% of Muslims are "moderates", ie they ignore the Quran. "It takes very few people to overthrow a plane."

What percentage is the Taliban of Pakistan's population? 1%, 3%, 5%? And how much chaos is there today?

In every society where Islam exists there will be a certain percentage of the Muslims who actually follow the traditional interpretations of the Koran.

And then we have the relationship between conservative Muslims and so-called "moderate Muslims".

There are moderate Nazis, too, that don’t support extermination of Roma and Jews. But they're still Nazis and will only sit and watch as the conservative Nazis strike (if it ever happens). Should we accept the moderate Nazis as long as they distance themselves from the extermination of Roma and Jews?

Now things have unfortunately already gone wrong with Marxists who have already thoroughly infiltrated culture, media and educational organizations. These individuals are tolerated and are even allowed to work as professors and lecturers at colleges/universities and are thus able to spread their propaganda.

For me it is very hypocritical to treat Muslims, Nazis and Marxists differently. They are all supporters of hate-ideologies. Not all Muslims, Nazis and Marxists are conservative, most are moderate. But does it matter? A moderate Nazi might, after having experienced fraud, choose to be conservative. A moderate Muslim can, after being refused to enter a club, be conservative, etc.

It is obvious that the moderate supporters of hate-ideologies, at a later date may choose conservatism.

    Islam (ism) has historically led to 300 million deaths
    Communism has historically led to 100 million deaths
    Nazism has historically led to 6-20 million deaths

    ALL hate ideologies should be treated equally.

2010-06-15 11:11:55

Very good and very important article. Great work, Hans!

2010-09-01 08:19:15

Lasse Moer,

Japan and South Korea are much clearer examples of countries that consistently and outright dismissed multiculturalism. This they confirmed in the 70 -, 80 -, 90’s and this they confirm to this very day.

The UN has for years been trying to push them to receive hundreds of thousands of refugees but the number has ended in a tiny fraction of the original claim. Europe has never chosen to run psychological and economic warfare against them for this reason (as they do to European nations/individuals who espouse the same arguments and principles)

Multiculturalists become very embarrassed if you mention Japan and South Korea as these nations prove quite obviously that mass immigration is only a result of specific Marxist doctrines and is very rarely economically or culturally beneficial. Japan/South Korea has a border and border guards. If one lacks a visa one is denied passage ... (Europe presumably had  this scheme prior 1950-1960)

The interesting question is the, why are not Japanese and South Koreans demonized as the Nazis and fascists? The answer, we know ...

2010-09-21 23:20:25

The main axes are the economy and culture.

They were right-wing culturally but economically leftist (not as extreme as the planned economy but still strongly socialist). So it is equally wrong to call them right wing as the left extreme. They were both: P

The left of course likes to tag them as right wing, as well as anti-socialists refer to them as the left extreme.

The third axis: authoritarian vs liberal is inappropriate to use as the main marker.

2010-10-29 14:08:40

Thanks for the great effort until now, Hans and
You are doing an incredibly important job and are considered today to be one of very few ideological alternative voices. And you ARE noticed from the country's parliamentary representatives and journalists. I would even argue that Document has become a political force in Norway, as we all know that the country's elites secretly read Document weekly! :-) You continue to do Norway a great service! :-)

I wish however to make some constructive criticism when it comes to Document’s organizational and financial plans. Please do not take it personally:)

Considering Document’s modest economy and that there are in any case 50 talented writers in Norway who had willingly helped more actively, I think it would be a very bad idea to focus 90% of Documents assets on a permanent reporter position. Today there are a plethora of essays and articles that requested to be distributed without financial compensation so why spend all the funds in a reporter position? I'm pretty sure that, under the circumstances, very costly position is liquidated in the course of a two-year period when I expect that you will eventually get to the same conclusion.

It would be a pity if you ignored the suggestions and decided to squander all the money on a potentially "politically correct" person with a background in the Marxist boot camp: Volda University College or any other journalist (Marxist) camps, etc.

What you, however, should focus economically on, is to develop "Concept Document" socially and organizationally, primarily through the development of this blog to a solution more like a social networking for example, that is linked to similar organizations in other countries (similar to a beginning of a cultural Euro-version of a Tea Party movement).

Alternatively, should you publish a monthly magazine that is distributed through Narvesen. I have already presented a detailed strategy for how this can be done. I collected all the offers from suppliers, I even contacted Narvesen and then submitted this to you, Hans. Full distribution through Narvesen (2000 copies monthly magazine), can be produced for less than NO. 35 000 per month, an investment GUARANTEED to provide "break-even" and could potentially result in TWICE the revenue! I do not understand why someone from Document have not wanted to consider my proposal?

You have, at present, access to a fleet of some of the brightest talents in most industries that would be willing to work for free. This talent is now unused. So why use up 90% of Document’s agents on a reporter position?

I have worked with project development for 14 years with several projects related to web solutions, have the financial education + two other Bachelor's degrees, earned my first million as an entrepreneur at the age of 24 and have many friends who are today  successful entrepreneurs in most industries. Several of my friends are experts on the development of social networking sites (one of them runs, Norway's probably the most profitable online communities despite the frayed moral concept).

The point of the illustration is that you have access to very valuable skills, free, that you now refuse you to use.

I hope you will be willing to receive help to a much greater extent than you do today and instead use the modest funds for more essential costs, as outlined above.

Anyway, get on! I support you 100% no matter what you ultimately choose ;-)

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