Sunday, July 24, 2011

Final remarks

There is not much one can add at this point, the text should speak for itself. This long text that extends well into 50 pages was not necessarily easy translate; I translate large sections manually, and used a different variety of tools, some CAT software and a previous version done by Ole, the Norwegian translator. Translating such a vast amount of text in a record time doesn't come without some challenges. I cannot claim that the translation is perfect, neither that it is perfectly loyal to Norwegian; my intention above all was to produce a text that would be easily readable to English speakers and I believe I've succeeded. Over time these texts will lead to many questions that in turn will question the translation and I might be able to amend serious mistakes. Not only the length of the text was overwhelming but also the nature and content even independently of the context. I did my best not to omit anything and to leave it just as it is. It might seem incredible but this was there floating free in the Internet for some years. The purpose of this translation was to provide the world at large that doesn't speak Norwegian an authentic glimpse into the writing and thinking of the Norway shooter, since I saw that media relied extensively on Google translate, what seemed to me rather preposterous. Along the way Ole appeared and volunteered a previous translation to work from which I corrected substantially but that saved me a lot of time, so that in a way this was team work. Any questions about the translation, I might be available via Twitter.

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Anonymous said...

New Knight Templar has rise from the Northern.
Anders Behring Breivik, my friend
We salute you !