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Breivik Files: September 2009 Part II

Breivik Files September 2009 Part II
2009-09-14 10:57:20


I did not speak of EDL today in its present form, but how we wish it had been. But it is essential for the intellectual conservative forces to give unofficially, political and ideological education to young people 15-25. Otherwise, who will do it?

We cannot scorn the youth in society and refuse to approach them because they do not have ideological training; it is OUR (the cultural conservative intellectuals) responsibility to provide for this.

Bawer is just not the right person to take on a bridge builder. He is a liberal anti-Jihadist and not a cultural conservative in many subjects. I suspect that he is VERY paranoid (in regard to his gay-friendly attitudes) and it might well be that he fears how cultural conservatives are going to treat gays in the future. He denies then the opportunity to influence them in a positive direction? It seems rather irrational.

You should realize that organizations should undergo extensive reforms before they are on our level.
At any rate, we are not in a situation where we have a choice of partners. Therefore we must take good care of influencing other cultural conservatives to come to our anti-racist, pro-gay, pro-Israel line. When they have achieved this, we can take it to the next level.

The consolidation MUST go on, and people must help to make a difference rather than isolate themselves.

2009-09-14 11:12:20

Very well written :)

We should begin working immediately toward the establishment of a cultural conservative newspaper (paper/online national distribution).

I know many people in FrP (Progress Party) and I know that there are strong forces wanting to develop 'progress', a newspaper of the Progress Party. I also know of several cultural conservative investors.
What about working to consolidate progress through Document (maybe + getting funding from strategic investors?

Name: 'Conservative', as the only cultural conservative media outlet in Norway.

There's a chance that Hegnar will want to take part in such project.

Main doctrines:

Critical of multiculturalism (anti-cultural Marxism)
Pro-FrP (maybe Høyre
Pro-Israel (support for Armenia, Christian Cops/Maronites/Assyrians, cultural conservative Indians, support for the establishment of a Christian state Biafra,, Southern Nigeria, support for the establishment of a Christian state in Sudan, support for the struggle against Jihad in Russia, Thailand, Philippines).
Critical of all cultural Marxist media
Pro free market

Any other input?

2009-09-14 11:30:26

I can also help in getting support for this project from my lodge.

This is a national project that we seriously cannot ignore. It is our obligation as cultural conservative forces in Norway to cooperate with this :)

2009-09-14 13:29:20

Congratulations Christine ;)

2009-09-14 20:38:39 (Norwegian IDAG) is out of the question since they are a publication/organ of the Christian Democratic Party (KrF)

Yet I can set up a meeting with Hegnar and Geir Mo and bring forward the solutions. Investor are the least of our problems.

I wonder then how Rust, Nyquiest, Mohn and Hjerpset-Østlie see this? I guess you all have other primary jobs.

Putting together an editorial team depends on many factors. It could be a small team to begin with and to be based online. Then we consider how we can coordinate online content with printed content.

In any case I'm looking forward to hearing Rustads input :)

The editorial choice and its coverage prove that we need a national spokesman. We have all agreed on this, including the Progress Party and the Progress editorial board). It has to do only with willingness and a couple of people that take initiative.

I have all the contacts necessary to make this happen. But I don't have editorial experience, so I can only help to set up a team, a bridge between relevant parties and investors.

2009-09-14 21:31:52

Having the necessary capital, it must be realistic to speak of a daily output of 50000 with strategy one and 15000 with strategy two within 5 years both. If we do this right, it could be possible to take over 50% of the Aftenposten readership, 20% of VG, 10% of Dagbladet + within ten years. This should be the ideal.
If you look at the logical process (based on the preferred readers and their sympathies/interests) there are two strategies, we must make a choice on how to proceed with the recruitment of readers:

Strategy 1 - Harry Model
Estimated circulation within 5 years - 50000
Estimated circulation within 10 years - 50000 to 100000
- Aforementioned political agenda (see other post)+
- Little financial content
- Regular news
- Harry themes (including erotic content, as found in some continental newspapers)

If we choose this model we can naturally forget of a large part of the Christian conservative readership.

Strategy 2- Conservative Model
Estimated circulation within 5 years - 15000
Estimated circulation within 10 years - 15000 to 50000
- Aforementioned political agenda (see other post)+
- More financial content
- Regular news
- Minimal Harry themes

Should we choose this mode, we can speak many trademen, finance interested, conservative Christian leadership. Its appeal however will be less popular and therefore the circulation significantly smaller.

Strategy 3

A mixture of 1 and 2

It is very possible that my estimates are wrong about strategy 2 if financial content is really solid, it is possible to take over MANY readers from DN, financial newspaper. This will be consequential for the investors and existing media outlets that we can choose as strategic partners. Depending on the choice, it would be possible to receive financial feeds from editors in the market right now. If FrP is interested, it will be the only realistic option to bring together progressive editorial.

Above all, it must be ensured that the newspaper is not infiltrated by cultural Marxist journalists (the same way that Aftenposten was in the 1970-1980's).

Daily circulation figures - 2008

VG - 284.414
Aftenposten morning - 247.556
Dagbladet - 123.383
Aftenposten evening - 124.807
Bergens Tidende - 85.825
Dagens Næringsliv - 82.775
Adresseavisen - 77.044
Stavanger Aftenblad - 66.343
Fædrelandsvennen - 40.729
Drammens Tidende - 39.121

2009-09-14 23:11:14


Yep, we create ourselves the solutions and the possibilities. For example as independent bloggers that document and others provide copies for the content, articles, essays, for this new company, if they want extra security and screening.

There will be minimal risk to the content providers involved. There is only a minimal risk for those content providers involved. There is only the issue of getting paid for a job for which they actually do not charge - but paid on an assignment basis; however they will have their work distributed to many times more readers. Investors are the ones taking all the risks. Press is a bonus but not necessarily essential.

This will be the outline of the initial project dependent on clear objectives and potential for earnings if combined with popular content. However, earnings are not the main concern. The aim is to increase the political influence of FrP/Høyre through unofficial support.

Finance and business content will be the least problem. The challenge lies on whether the editorial content providers will be ready to take the next step...

2009-09-15 00:33:34

Norwegian journalists won a war against FrP. They managed to downsize the party by 6% in four weeks of intense warfare.

Successful media blackout of the riots in France, Britain and Sweden sealed the fate and price of the bourgeois victory.

It is our fault insofar as we have failed to create a cultural conservative (pro-FrP) media outlet with national distribution.

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