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Breivik Files December 2009 Part I

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Breivik Files December 2009 Part I

2009-12-01 12:02:38

To control or dominate, not necessarily a big difference. The common denominator in all historical cases is dhimmitude + demographic warfare. Are non-Muslims in Furuset, Holmlia today dhimmis? Yes, of course they are. Why do you think they systematically chose to move?

Why do you think Furuset, Holmlia and other areas in Oslo are soon to be emptied of non-Muslims? The enclave in Oslo East grows slowly but surely.

For those who need to get it with a teaspoon (it  may be good with a little demographic history reminder now and then):

    Kosovo demographic development [1]:

    1900 40% Islam
    1913 50%
    1925 60%
    1948 72%
    1971 79%
    1981 85%
    2008 93%


    1. 6

    Lebanon demographic development - (Christian / Muslim pop) [1]:

    1911 to 21% Islam
    1921 to 45%
    1932 to 49%
    1943 to 48%
    1970 to 58% (Civil War 1975-1990 started when Islam reached 60%)
    1990 to 65% (Christians lost the war)
    2008 to 75%


    1. Tomass Mark, Game Theory with instrumentally irrational players: A Case Study of Civil War and Sectarian Cleansing, Journal of Economic Issues, Lincoln, June 1997.


    Source 1

    1948 85% Christian [1]
    2006 12% Christian [1]

    Source 2

    1948 to 60% Christian [2]
    1983 to 20% Christian [2]



    Anatolia (Turkey)

    1300 to 99% Christian
    1450 to 90% (3 years before the fall of Constantinople)
    1600 to 55%
    1850 to 35% (Genocide / forced conversions intensifies)
    1900 to 20%
    1920 to 15%
    1945 to 6% (Focus shifts to persecution of Muslim Kurds)
    1980 to 3%
    2009 to 1%

    1. ~ dimostenis / greektr.html
    2. See all sources from historical demographics of Balkans and Anatolia

    Syria [1]

    1920 to 33% Christians
    2007 to 10% (Would be less than 5% if it were not for the Christian immigration from Iraq).


    Pakistan (Hindu / Muslim Population) [1]

    1941 to 25% Hindus
    1948 to 17%
    1991 to 1.5%
    2007 to 1%

    Bangladesh (Hindu / Muslim Population) [1]

    1941 to 30% Hindus
    1948 to 25%
    1971 to 15%
    1991 to 10%
    2007 to 8%

    2008 - Numbers and Percentage of Muslims in many European cities (legal / illegal Including city suburbs) [1] [2] [3]:

    Marseilles 38%
    Malmo 35%
    Brussels 35%
    Amsterdam 30%
    Stockholm 20%
    London 20%
    Paris 20%
    Oslo 20%
    Moscow 16-20%
    Berlin 18%
    The Hague 17%
    Copenhagen 17%
    Utrecht 15%
    Rotterdam 15%
    Antwerp 15%
    Hamburg 15%


    3. Notes That Brussels is 25.5% Muslim

    What then is the common denominator in all these historical cases?

    Islam + dhimmitude + demographic warfare (Jihad)

2009-12-02 00:56:39

Hårstad / Fjordman,

Do not take it personally but rather as a compliment. You will have to read between the lines sometimes (we have actually come so far that we have learned some from the Marxists - war is deceit, etc. ..). The truth is there. But do not believe that truth can only benefit us for it can actually harm us if we do not use it properly. The truth is so ugly that it has the potential to scare many moderate cultural conservatives back into apathy. Yes, you (we are right), but don’t we have such a bad self-image already that we have to bear with all the time?

To put it another way:  It is critical that individuals/ideologues like Fjordman/Hårstad deliver the bare truth to other rather moderate but experienced cultural conservatives. These moderate cultural conservatives will then make their own judgments and take the necessary precautions. If you believe that the broad strata (individuals who do not have the same intellectual conservative culture background knowledge like us) are ready for the full bare truth you are wrong. I am still, after several years of study, am still sick and unwell thinking about it. How do you think that an a-political person would be? He would most likely be shocked and moved to Svalbard or continued lying to himself. has the potential to become an even more influential media company if they play their cards right. As the goal is to reach the broad masses must thus moderate themselves, the purpose of media outlets/NGOs is to convey as much of the truth as is "adequate", the goal is after all what is important, not the means. Thus, it also lies in the cards that they have and the will to acknowledge doctrines from very specific individuals ONLY if and when it is appropriate.

I regard such ideologues (the ones who serve that purpose) as martyr-ideologues (I might be in this category myself, with similar theories, even though I was not familiar with Fjordmann's works until 2008). They provide the basic ideological lines for more moderate individuals, the ”ugly-beautiful” truth, the foundation, other more moderate builds on this. It will often be appropriate to distance oneself from these martyr-ideologues for tactical reasons (especially if your goal is to reach out to the large masses). That is how the game is, whether we like it or not. Individuals have different functions. Do not be offended because of that, but take it rather as a compliment ;)

Do you think cultural Marxists will ever be so stupid that they admit that they want to implement Marx's doctrines? The fact that they use humanism to advance a Marxist utopia? No, they distance themselves from Marx for strategic reasons. They were not born yesterday and nor are we.

We were honest once, but Marx and Muhammad have forced us to become more like them, unfortunately.

They had their "Frankfurt School". We are going to develop our own "Vienna School" out of necessity.

Embrace it! THEY have made the rules, we just follow them. ;)

2009-12-02 19:57:10

I think that people often forget the very definition of the word "conspiracy". What is it?

To conspire is to work in common (among peers) AGAINST another group/the other group's interests (conspiracy) or TOWARDS implementing a particular goal/agenda.

All groups with a political agenda conspire directly or indirectly. Whether they will admit this or not is irrelevant. Document, like all other politically led entities (such as Klassekampen (=Norwegian newspaper), N RK, CNN, Dagbladet, Dagsavisen. The key is that everyone working toward a specific political goal conspire (us included, we are cultural conservatives (> 10%), the others are cultural Marxists (> 10%), Muslim (supports cultural Marxists by default) (> 5%) capitalist globalists (> 1%), and then we have the gray mass in the middle (consisting mainly of humanists, and others who either sympathize with Marxists or the conservative. This is the group (80%) that we all try to "win the favor of."

A large proportion of multiculturalists ARE not Marxists but rather either naive humanists (KrF, V, Cr, half of AP (i.e.: Labour), half of Høyre (i.e: Norwegian Moderates/Conservative party)) or globalist capitalists (half of Høyre).

Many of these "true humanists" are being manipulated by "false humanists" (Marxists) that so often conceal their true agenda by playing on humanism.

This is obvious to me, but still theories. I know that many want to implement a Marxist agenda (they have a Marxist background) but we can not prove it 100%, ergo they remain theories.

People cannot naturally prove this unless everyone in a political group had admitted it (and they are not going to do that). This does not mean that the truth about people's political motives is not obvious.

Individual's background tells all about their intentions.  It is for instance a known fact that Barroso was a member of a Portuguese Communist Party in the past. But it is harder to roll up and prove that he and hundreds of other central European elites want to implement the Marxist doctrines throughout the EU. This is where the martyr-ideologues shine. They come with the charges, presents theories, make the battle plan, other more moderate choose from this and consider what parts of this theoretical material that can be used at the present time, what is appropriate, etc.

Back to the point. The word "conspiracy theory" is often associated with something very negative. But it happens very often that crucial truths still lack some evidence, they’re only assertions that yet have to be proven. In time the truth will be revealed for ALL ;)

In the meantime, we share with the mainstream what is "appropriate" at this time;)

A  theory is appropriate if it is in line with people's perceptions:) And it is of course important to consistently (slowly) stretch the elastic band to help ensure that these perceptions move towards the truth.


I'm generally quite reluctant to move around and theorize too much regarding the U.S. because conditions there are different from those prevalent in Europe. They are dominated by Christian immigration, which is not the case here. We are indigenous to Europe, something Americans in the U.S. are not, etc. This does not mean that the development does not unfold the way you describe (though it currently lacks enough evidence thereof), but I do not think it's necessarily appropriate to put too much emphasis on U.S. geopolitics at this time. I actually believe the U.S. fate (and the fate of multiculturalism/cultural Marxism) will be settled in France in 20-70 years. Indications may suggest that.

It is actually essential that people like yourself and Fjordman continue to develop their theories (our). These are about to lay the foundation for our "Vienna School". What moderate cultural conservatives think of this work is something you should worry less about for the time being. They will come in a few years and shout "hallelujah" when “enough” evidence supports these claims;)

2009-12-03 01:21:04

Hlund, Fjordman, Hårstad, Rust

I'm probably much newer to the game than him, as I have been politically active for 13 years only. I am a first generation dhimmi (Generation y). I was active Oslo FrP / FpU for the first 6-7 years (in the cultural conservative + laissez faire capitalist/liberal camp) and contributed to the Progress Party's success before I quit. I felt then that it was more important to help develop/promote the political doctrines abroad especially British, German, French, American). I was into business for a few years while I studied and earned a few million so I could finance a politically active life without an income. I now use these funds to be able to work full time to further develop/promote the Vienna Academy (Vienna School of thought) that Fjordman, Bat Yeor, Spencer + many others have already contributed so much to. The last three years I have been working full time with a cultural conservative work that will help further develop/promote these political doctrines.

Anyway, I consider the future consolidation of the cultural conservative forces on all seven fronts as the most important in Norway and in all Western European countries. It is essential that we work to ensure that all these 7 fronts using the Vienna school of thought, or at least parts of it, become the foundation for the 20-70 year-struggle that lies in front of us.

    The book is called by the way ‘2083’ and is in English, 1100 pages).

    To sum up the Vienna school of thought:

    - Cultural Conservatism (anti-multiculturalism)
    - Against Islamization
    - Anti-racist
    - Anti-authoritarian (resistance to all authoritarian ideologies of hate)
    - Pro-Israel/defends non-Muslim minorities in Muslim countries
    - Defender of the cultural aspects of Christianity
    - To reveal the Eurabia project and the Frankfurt School (neo-Marxism/ cultural Marxism /multiculturalism)
    - Is not an economic policy and can thus collect anything from socialists to capitalists

The Frankfurt School (cultural Marxism) is a very ambitious unofficial ideology (and quite unknown to most) and they have succeeded in most areas (except to smash capitalism, European Christianity and European identity, traditions, culture). Vienna school is more of a defense against this where we often use the Marxist 'own creations against them (sexual liberation, feminism, liberalism, anti-racism, anti-authoritarian arguments).

The Vienna school of thought is far from a complete ideology but consists of principles and ideas that are constantly under development. It is unofficial and does not necessarily ever need to be recognized.
2009-12-03 12:29:47


The number is 270-300 million (not billion). Approximately 80 to 150 were Hindus who were killed in the east-Jihad campaigns (Hindu Kush) before and after the conquest of Sindh, which went on unmolested in an organized manner until the British arrived.

The Hindus and Buddhists were shown no mercy whatsoever in the first centuries, in contrast to the people of the book.

Today's rom people/Gypsies" are descendants of these Hindu slaves who were brought over to the Hindu Kush. Tens of thousands of these gypsies fled when the Caliphate lost in 1683, in Vienna (they brought about 100,000 slaves in the Vienna-campaign). That is how many of them made it to Europe.

The Hindu Kush genocide is the largest in human history. Ironically enough the government of India is worse even when it comes to tolerance than the cultural Marxists in Western Europe.

To hide genocide like this is similar to hiding Hitler x 45 and cannot be described as anything but insane.

2009-12-04 04:10:42
Gule – here under is the definition of an "Islamic no-go area"

There are more than 30 Islamic no-go areas in Norway and similarly in other Western European countries, proportional to the Muslim concentrations in various cities. There are probably many more than 751 in France. Guaranteed more than 1000, and it is increasing every day!

Here is the definition:

    An Islamic no-go area:

    1. Where drunk, scantily dressed non-Muslim girls / women cannot travel without imminent threat of rape, violence, robbery, harassment.

    2. Where non-Muslim young people cannot travel without imminent danger of harassment, robbery, violence by Muslim gangs and/or individuals.

    3. Where non-Muslim people cannot express individuality in all the free forms (including religious, sexual, cultural) without the imminent threat of physical / psychological harassment or robbery from Muslims.

Parts of Holmlia, Furuset and many other areas of the Oslo East/Oslo are obvious Islamic no-go areas.

Why do you think non-Muslims move from these areas? Why do you think the Muslim enclave continues? The existing 30 Islamic no-go zones in Norway are growing every day.

Large parts of Serbia is today a no-go area for non-Muslim Serbs (Kosovo), to name an extreme. Muslims now demand passports from the Christians! An Islamic no-go area is under development since the very first Muslim family moves into an area where non-Muslims must live from that point on in a varying degree of dhimmitude. No one accepts this, so they move away from these Islamic no-go areas. This in turn makes it even harder for the remaining dhimmis to live normally. The results are that the Muslim no-go areas/enclaves are growing dramatically every day!

Non-Muslims want to live in freedom, not under dhimmitude.

Any area where the non-Muslim citizens or those who travel are experiencing varying degrees of dhimmitude (restriction of their freedom, violence, harassment because they are not Muslims and follow the sharia, go with the hijab, etc) is by definition an Islamic no-go area.

Gule, I’m impressed anyways about your knowledge concerning rhetorical deconstruction and rhetorical skills in general. We have a lot to learn from cultural Marxists in this respect.
2009-12-04 17:01:55

Non-Muslim youth in Oslo aged 12-18 are in a particularly vulnerable situation in terms of harassment from Muslim youth. I myself was born and raised here and chose out of necessity to conform to the friendships/alliances with the A and B gangs to be able to move freely. The alternative is that you stick to your neighborhood or the west side (=of town). I know of hundreds of incidents where non-Muslims were robbed, beaten and harassed by Muslim gangs. My best friend at the age of 12-17 was Pakistani, so I was one of the protected “cool” "potatoes" who had protection. But I saw the hypocrisy at close range and was disgusted. Muslim gangs ransack the cities (racist/Jihad behavior) while all attempts "potatoes" made/make to establish similar gangs are systematically stamped as racism and deconstructed by the local police.

No wonder the Progress Party won the elections this year in schools. A new generation is growing up consisting of dhimmified youth who actually know what Islam and dhimmitude is in contrast to the National assembly politicians and journalists who choose to move to Oslo at 20-30 years of age.

I'm glad I've always lived in Oslo West. For it must be hell in the Oslo East: o


There's a bunch of no-go areas in most American large cities. The ones in LA are the most famous - Compton, Crenshaw, Watts, Inglewood, etc. but it can not be directly compared with the situation in Europe as the Afro-Americans are Christians, etc.

2009-12-04 20:08:02


Well, the essence is that Muslim boys learn honour codex, pride in their own religion, culture and cultural conservative values ​​at home while Norwegian men have been feminized and are taught excessive tolerance. This makes them totally unprepared for what awaits them ... The curriculum at the school now consists also largely of demonization of our ancestors (evil imperialists, greedy farmers who raped maids, bloodthirsty Crusaders who invaded the peaceful Muslims) as it hands the victim role to the Muslims. The result is that Norwegian boys aged 12-18 are particularly vulnerable and often oppressed. They lack pride, honour codex and a correct understanding of Islam.

There has now been a mass exodus of non-Muslims from Oslo East in 20 years, even if the media refuses to cover this trend. The reason is simple. People do not want to be oppressed, they do not want to live as second rate citizens (dhimmitude). Parents know this but cannot do much. It of course depends very much on the situation. If there are 50% Muslims in a school or only 2%. It is often easier to move instead of letting your child carry the "integration issue" on its shoulders.

In many ways the polarization between Muslim and non-Muslim youth among the younger generations is intensified. There are ten times as many Muslim gangs as non-Muslim gangs. The abuse and harassment is perceived as clear racism and the frustration is high because the media  completely ignores this racism. 100 racial/Jihadi murders of Norwegians over the last 15 years are totally ignored while a single murder by a Norwegian racist result in a torchlight procession in which 50 000 participate and a Memorial Fund is established.

Many young people are apathetic as a result, others have become very racist.

I have gotten the impression that the younger generations in Oslo not quite manage to see the political context here. They see the racist attack but do not fully understand that this is Jihad (political/cultural attacks). They therefore repay what they perceive as racism with racism.

My hope is that they will see the cultural/political context, but one should not disregard that the new generations of young people move in the direction of ethnocentrism.

Young people need solutions, and currently there are no anti-racist cultural conservative options for the youth. Some people choose the options that exist, which then are ethnocentric.

I dare not even think of how many Norwegian children who have committed suicide because of these experiences (assault, robbery, rape, psychological terror committed by Muslim youths). There are probably several hundred over the last 15 years.

Well, this is certainly part of the reason why the Progress Party was larger than the AP (Arbeiderpartiet/Labour) at the last school elections ...

The remarkable thing here is that if we had removed the Muslim votes at the last school elections in Oslo, the Progress Party ended up with approximately 30-40% support.

2009-12-04 23:40:02

Trondb: There is no doubt that what I say regarding mass exodus is correct, something the following documentation attests to:

And you can check back in 10 years, then the number will be 70-80 schools, 100-120 in 20 years:) The majority of these are Muslims, although this is not mentioned.

Supra, we all know that people on the right of Aslak Nore can forget about getting anything published. Believe me, we have tried with them all for years. We would of course have had a greater chance to penetrate the cultural Marxist press censorship if some of us had had a Somali background, or was an Egyptian Copt but I am unfortunately not:). You must also remember that there is no free press in Norway. Aftenposten was the ONLY cultural conservative newspaper in Norway, but they were, as is known, coup’ed by cultural Marxists in 1972. 100% of the national media outlets now support multiculturalism wholeheartedly and none of these will help to undermine this ideology.

It should at least be mentioned that the situation improves drastically from the time you turn 18 years old. The reason is that most of the Muslims I spoke of do not have grades to get into good VGS (=high school). Many of these either become craftsmen, unemployed or criminals. It is especially in the age group 12-18 that a large group of Norwegians have a hard time, as they then have to go to open public schools with the most hateful Muslims in the city.

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