Sunday, July 24, 2011

Notes from the Norwegian Translator

Notes by 

The text below consists of the recently publicly identified norwegian mass murderer Anders  Behring Breivik’s posts on the Norwegian website

The posts were made available on’s website in the early morning hours of July 23rd 2011.

The text has been translated via Google Translate, and has thereafter  been roughly formatted with changes in separation of the posts and accentuation  of the date headings in bold and read. Red  ink has been used to mark changes made to correct errors in the the auto translation.

The automatic translation is not bad, but induces numerous errors in syntax and incorrectly translated or missed complex words. This has been addressed to the degree necessary to understand the meaning of the text for English speaking readers. The sentences have beenhandled with as much care as possible, as to not alter the contained information. I have tried, as far as the limited time available has allowed, to proofread thoroughly and take care not to inflict changes to the meaning of words and sentences. These corrections  are marked in red, where applied, in the text below.

The original Norwegian text is supplied as a separate file. Comparisons of the texts can thus be made at any time by someone proficient in both the English and Norwegian languages, if  one should for some reason find this necessary. For such purposes, a re-run through Google translate should also provide the erroneous raw translation I have used as the skeleton for this translation.

The views and opinions expressed by the now-murderer who authored this text are, of course, since they are taken out of the debate threads in which they were posted, not in their original setting, and are not more than isolated expressions. Most are posts regarding islam and multiculturalism, and topics related to this, expressed in a discussion forum environment with other persons holding both similar and opposite views.  

The website is at present still up and running, and contains the threads from which this text is extracted. Anyone interested in delving deeper into this matter, may of course provided he or she understands Norwegian, explore these threads in depth.

Nevertheless, this text gives an eerie insight into thoughts and opinions of obviously significant importance to this disturbed man, who for reasons not understandable to any sane man or woman, turned mass murderer yesterday.

Working through this document, translating it over the past 20 hours, has been a sickening, disturbing experience.

It is my humble hope analyzing this information and connecting this with whatever other useful data that may be at hand or can be dug up  can help to cast light onto the as of now incomprehensible acts performed by ABB may have come to happen. If such an understanding can be obtained, that may possibly assist in creating some kind of understanding of how to prevent something like this from ever happening again. That will, I think, be neccesary to achieve the healing the wounds this  monstrous character has inflicted on our beloved country, Norway. If so, it will surely have been worth the effort.

It is not illogical to think that the issues he speaks of in his post have been a main factor in this man’s  incomprehensible evolution, ending with him performing unspeakable acts of terror, inflicting meaningless deaths, damage and grievance to a great number of people, and great damage to our country and society  as a whole.

It has been less than 9 months since this man’s last post.

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