Sunday, January 21, 2007


This was from Yom Kippur 2004 at Arie's house in Tel Aviv. Keine Bange, aber.... It wasn't too religious, after all one isn't supposed to take pictures and even without mentioning the cigarettes on the table thereafter we had a wonderful meal of Hungarian gulash with potatos baked with cheese! All of it prepared of course by me when it was already Yom Kippur.

A few months before going to Yeshiva at Asher's house (my Talmud teacher) with the nicest Jewish guy from Dresden, Simcha.

This is Ashes, the Talmud teacher (haven't seen him for some 2 years)

This was already in Yeshiva at some regular evening in the dorms! My picture is so terrible... long hair, drunk and everything. In the middle my roommate, some Russian psycho by the name of Shlomi, a former circus acrobat and the other guy some very lame fellow named Eran, Israeli-Canadian and absolutely nonsensical, he also thought he had the largest penis on earth (our neighbour).
Now this is Shlomi the roomie again, isn't he sweet? He's a little loud though :-) And a compulsive smoker that always stole my cigarettes and bought only cheap ones for himself so that I wouldn't ask, what a creep! But he is just the very best... well you see? That's the best that can come out of the Jewish people! So don't expect much...

This is Oved and me at the Western Wall, still in Yeshiva... rather lame hangover days, before they sent me to jail (#)! Oved was the new neighbour, also a really cool friend and a fine German Jew, except for coming from Wyoming... poor creature! Madly uncivilized. Just recently married to an Egyptian woman I think. While other people prayed we just whined in the back.

This thing is Levy, Oved's replacement as a neighbour (and then we'd become roommates for God knows how long!). He doesn't look user-friendly and is a rather savage creature but just for the record we also became friends in yeshiva and he remains my best friend to this day, first he was a loser in yeshiva, then he was a loser in a chef school in the middle of nowhere whose dean was worse than a former kapo, then a loser in the kibbutz where any Dutch or Turkmenistani or Russian had its share of laughing on him and now a loser in the army. Lovely piece of Jewish rotten bones.

That thing tries to learn Talmud but he's too dumb, actually that's not the problem.. It's all about being in Yeshiva. We're all heretics and 3/4 Atheists now, only Shlomi remains under dictatorial control because he's still in. Maybe we should send him over some Crystal Meth, it'd do the job just fine.

Which is what Oved did, otherwise look down...

Hamas training facilities at the American yeshiva!

A shaheed! (Beer monster strikes) -Yeshiva-style

The Spirit of Religious Zionism.

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