Sunday, January 21, 2007

Philosopher of Nature

Another point of pivot
Exchanges cold threads of fear
Into the wind
Of rustling anger
Receiving a soluble solution in return
Transforming waters in canvas
Into human-like portraits
In shadeless grays
That perform story-telling
In the moment of change
Before the passing
That was once birth
That had less lonely names
Heavenly sights
Of the nearest street
From a vantage point
Of the redeemed life
That one could no longer harbor
Or blue it apart
With dense notions
Of a poetry
That could not lie
Because it read the world
Through the laws of Nature
Unmistakeably reasonable
As rivers
That ran free
With the spirit of freedom
That animals had
In a worldless hollow!
O tainted soul!
You're summoned thither
To find the joints of time
What once poets did
Before twilight
In the innocent dayhood of a life
In a banal cycle
Of storms and rooves
Falling upon each other
Clenching their teeth
In that motionless silence
That one day
Unjointed the time
Through watered down spaces
Once occupied by voices
With letanies
Of a punctured memory
From a forgotten wasteland
Nowadays turned
Into an immanent change
Or a city
Dwelling in itself
Experiencing change
In atomic forms
That pervert days
For the sake of the possible
The unknowable
That of the loving kind
Twilight strikes
And empties the brooks
From underneath
Incessant sadness
O Hoelderlin!
Philosopher of Nature

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