Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Letter from MC


In between so many conversations I encountered newfound stories about my life. Maybe I am as yet incomplete but I decided to become the abyss itself. Intense abyss full of unknown eventualities and perhaps of entirely different universes. The curiosity together with my search led me to you without being really conscious of what I was doing.

Thus, we live in eternal sorcery of the unconscious present. Obscure will is what has led me to envision a future, never certain but yet provoking. To lose myself with the pariahs and return back to my life, this is what I want to find. I started off with you Cynical you and then the back is never an option for someone that already held fast to the axe of time.

We are construed on mutable and selective remembrance, we are thirsty because of our being and at the same time we are ourselves the water that sate the thirst.


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