Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A time to rend, a time to sew [Growing Up]

This is a terrible statement these days, "When you grow up...." and despite the lack of cohesion of these words in our times that is constantly said aloud as a maxima, even among people of my own generation. Those words don't strike me anymore these days, I don't even consider them. It's not that I'm believing myself grown up, unless it's a comparative perspective to the time I was 16 or 18; I'm not talking about the sorrowfulness of the lost childhood and the first love, those things cloud me no more... and the truth is they don't really cloud the modern man, unless he didn't succeed in a career and didn't make enough money as to inject a higher degree of ambition to his competitive nature. Otherwise these regrets don't seem to haunt him at night. I personally feel sorry about myself when telling people it'll be clear when you grow up; actually when you reach age 20 in this generation is never clear anymore, why should it be? Life sounds like more fun this way; and those that are kids today probably will face those very challenges, in another degree, in another world probably. I think their life will be interesting, nonetheless quite an endurance.

I remember myself at age 14, knowing everything there's to know about the world and with an acute certainty about a future, profession, household, basically taking life for the granted whilst living beautifully painful years, the sensual and emotional discovery of other selves, the adventures, the cohersion, the madness, and the roads in which life led as apart as much as it brings us together.

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