Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Morning dreams
After years of sleep
Contemptuous choices
A ballet of thoughts

Unfound, too unkind
Humanity in the sky
Upheaval, martini for one
Morning, no caffeine

Soul conversations
Only dreamt of
A stone wall, red tables
The magic, other days

Memories drowning in a bottle
Perennial thoughts, hopes
Another childhood, a new world for one
My love in a cradle

Unanswered phone calls,
Is such the freedom of modern man
He's chosen a tie, he's chosen rye
Ultimate secret of success

Aren't I happy?
Maybe just used to
A struggle of nature
My own well known evil

Time doesn't fly
For once in a lifetime
Life is waiting for direction
And less caffeine

Flying away for a while
Nothing particular
Just living
Living down

Welcome to my underground
My silence
I'll take over
I'll be one

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