Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Europa, Europa

Europa, Europa
Such is my pledge
Born in the Alps
Near Winterthur
Lost in my mind
An old sentence
Or that's what they say
Drunk in the morning
Hungover from thoughts
Smoked in a wall
Writing in my hand
Lost the fatherland
The quest of man
Europa, Europa
The mellow greens
Yellowing sorrows
A Celtic melody
In a glass of rye
Watering the evening
Dry before twilight
Drowning in a bottle
Clinging onto it
Silenting the echos
The skin, and the man
Living next to a mobile phone
Thinking of other odes

Still drinks coffee in the morning
He's always alone
He's always undone
Europa, Europa
Sankt Gallen is Rome
The Emperor is dead
And also the Gods
Avenues took over
So did modern things
Except men
Busy in their idleness
All alone
But fully furnished

I left Rome as a child
I left myself for a while
I'm still in the Alps
Even while I drive
Even with my ties
Europe has never been a place
I heard from my father
She was a woman in Greece
Probably another Helen of Troy
But today it doesn't matter
Vienna is just too close
And your hands are so sad
Nonetheless, you smile
As if you didn't care
But neither would I
It's the end of Rome
Once again
We'll take over
Mind you I smoke
But if it doesn't bother
We can travel together
The sky is the limit
And the limit is just the first step
Or maybe the Sea
I used to like music
That made me feel alive
Made me feel dry
Careless, unimportant, beautiful
I don't think all this matters now
You're driving away
But I'm staying home
And that, my sweet
Is a place in my mind
But I remember the Alps
Even what I didn't see
I still remember
A powerful endeavour
My childhood in a can
A grown up man
An educated idiot
Literate dilettante
A little brook
I'm maybe a book

When you leave
Please shut the door
It's just too late for regrets
I won't join you this time
I'll stay next to God
Although we haven't talked for a while
I might have heard once he was a Jew
And I don't really trust family
Write me sometime
I'd love to hear stories about mom
About Zurich, Christine, and the wall
I don't think I have to run this time
I'm fine, yes, I'm happy
Maybe it's not my best
But my choice it was not
You'll see it one day
I'll explain you everything
When you'll grow to understand
The Alps are not a place
At least not for a Jew.

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