Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Journal 02.06.10

Jacques-Alain Miller: “There is a modern form of the story which transforms this structure by omitting the surprise finale without closing the structure of the story, which leaves a trace of a narrative, and the tension of the two stories is never resolved. This is what one considers as being properly modern: the subtraction of the final anchoring point which allows the two stories to continue in an unresolved tension.

Aesthetic choices: In case I am struck with a fatal illness, I will refuse treatment. It is a way to deal with the cynicism of time.

Note on Zizek: Whoever posits Hegelian dialectics in equations, algebraically, has missed the whole point of the Phenomenology.

From Hegel´s Philosophy of History: “If we consider Christ only in reference to his talents, his character and his morality, as a teacher, etc., we are putting him on the same place as Socrates and others, even if we place him higher from the moral point of view… If Christ is only taken as an exceptionally fine individual, even as one without sin, then we are ignoring the representation of the speculative idea, its absolute truth”

Note on Ratzinger: If Christianity´s view of God is that he is intrinsically lined to reason (the Greek concept of Logos) and Islam´s view of that God is absolutely transcendent: God´s will is not bound up with any of established categories, not even that of rationality – then are we not in an age of Islamic theology then?

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