Sunday, April 24, 2005

Homer of the 21st Century

A generation, in-generation, in generation
In need of some education
The nature of secular knowledge
The curse of a premature existence
Man and god
Both overwritten, overriden
By themselves
At the foundation of the word
In the transmision of their history
Transmutation of souls
Your mental nakedness, and mine
Precious vulnerability
A souvenir of postmodernism
The ignorance of the end of times
Maneouvres of men
And then
She turns about in the same spot
And watches for Orion*

The child of the end of times
Cries out to keep his eyes shut
Born into the light
Blind from the bright
A first-time stellar navigation
The map had been once lost
Altogether with humanity
Now you are on your own
Looking for Orion
In the ethereal
In the eternal
In the end of times
Born with your eyes open
History takes pity on you
On your silver-coated face
On your imagination
On your idealizations
For man is nothing
And Orion is not visible tonight
How will your find your direction?
Should you not be a Phoenician
But rather an educated New Yorker
Who will find your direction?
Orion is not visible tonight
Once more she turns about in the same spot
An wide open sea of information
In an era of contemptuous humanization
The concrete
The idealization

You have lost your way back home tonight
And so has all this generation
You also turn about in the same spot
And look for Orion
As three thousand years went by
You are still looking for Orion

(*)Homer; Odyssey Line 5.274. Thanks to M. Finkelberg for the ancient exegesis and criticism on her 2004 paper published in Greek, Roman & Byzantine Studies 44.

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