Saturday, March 16, 2013


For T.

The traces disappeared
In the very end
Without smoke
Without footsteps
Also without pain
And you disappeared with them
On a warm evening
In that hotel room
From where you could see
Pinks and palms
Blocking the waters
From unfurling
Into our eyes

Not a single gesture was left
That wasn't consumed by the fire
None of your smiles
Not any of your fires
Nothing survived
Not even the pain
Memories there were not
Only futures devoured
By mercilessness
By cowardice
Washed away by presences
Infinitely invisible
Nothing was bodily
Nothing ever happened

How could I forget?
How to forget what never became?
The rattling of impossibility
The pristine whiteness of the cold
Emanating from human bodies
That were once stars
Traveling across endless miles
Of hopeless illusions
Under a skin of skepticism
And a well drying up
Looking at that tower
Awaking always to the nightmare
That everything had already passed
That everything had already happened

An unexpected gift
You were
The gift of flight
Of going far away
But when I see you
I hope I will not recognize you
I hope that your eyes will never find me
Will never remind me
Of who I was then
Yet how marvelous the gift was
How impure, how difficult, how impossible
In distance you are not, in the nearness you're neither
Suspended, frozen in my breath
Nothing has to happen after all.

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