Monday, November 01, 2010


Literature that is no longer readable
At the expectation
Of faintest love
The desperate agreement
With the laws of the world
Empty the sketchbooks
Ransacked by words of the hand
By movements of the fingertips
A vast field of greenery and flies
Telegrams, without address
Without recipient
By an unknown sender
Too much loyalty
In impossible faces of men
Too much serendipity
To sell for friendship
To expect reward
A silence more forceful
That rustling jolts
All the more forgetful
Swallowed by rivers
Watching over the planes
From the bottom of the waters
The legs bruised not by rocks
But by the soft touch of the fish
The algae
The softest pasture
Fallen into disgrace
In a winter morning
Next to a violin
In the abandonment
Of beauty
A lonely mirror
Trying to catch a glimpse of the woman
In another room of the palace
Imagining the vanity
Of aging gracefully
Brushing the hair
With linens of gold
Praying for innocence
While devouring the flesh
Of a sinful soldier
Or another murderer

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