Friday, August 05, 2005

Ideological Note

I think it's a paradox, an ironic paradox. It came to my mind that the response to Postmodernism, and the demystified version of Existentialism can be somewhere around the corner. Incidentally I laugh because it was Communist painture what made me think about this idea. I thought endlessly about the concept of minimalism, which I inherited not from philosophy or 20th century painting but from linguistics, mathematics and theory of chaos in particular. There are people out there doing some sort of minimalist (existentialist sort of) poetry but it doesn't come out too well, the message seems cut off. Probably Nietzsche was right, we're not ready for it. The world is still too civilized for minimalism. At least in poetry. My answer to Postmodernisn is by no means non-perennial rational philosophy and late Aristotelianism. My response to Postmodernism is ANTI-KITSCH. A new kind of realism or modernism. A non-kitsch realism. A non-French realism. Perhaps an American realist school. A non-pragmatic American realist school. Funny, Communism, love (for a guy) and kitsch made me think about it. Thanks Stalin, Thanks Vitaly, Thanks Sabina, Thanks Jabotinsky.

Addendum (5 minutes later): Perhaps I'm wrong. Ever read Eccclesiastes? A movement, like any other movement will disappear. Only one thing shall remain out of all this: our natural tendence for kitsch, which is even more powerful than reality itself. That's why I'm in love, that's why I can't tolerate this country, that's why I can't tolerate any country. That's why I'm an invisible man. But belief and hope is something you can't steal from man. Ask Anna Frank for particulars.

"You're the eternal leit-motif and raison-d'etre behind my paintings. Is there anything nobler than that? I doubt whether Wilde could have figured it out himself back then. The leit-motif behind my artistic betrayals, the portrait of your frustrations and of self-destruction. You're the eternal leit-motif and raison-d'etre of behind my paintings. Is there anything nobler than that? Yes. Only the kitsch we share. Otherwise, you're the eternal leit-motif behind my paintings".

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